Monday, July 16, 2012

Daily 5 Book Study: Chapter 1 (Introduction)

I'm joining in the Daily 5 /CAFE Book Study hosted by We Read, We Blog, We Teach - and just a little tardy!

 Essentially, the Daily 5 is a classroom routine developed by the "two sisters" - Gail Boushey & Joan Moser - designed to help students develop independence and lifelong literacy skills as they focus on the following five activities:
  1. Read to Self
  2. Read to Someone Else
  3. Work on Writing
  4. Listen to Reading
  5. Word Work / Spelling
I attended very brief workshop on the Daily 5 last spring and left so psyched to get started this upcoming year- and glad to finally have some back-up for what I've really wanted to do all along - LET THEM READ! I like that the Daily 5 focuses on helping students develop their own independence. Often when I did reading groups and writing conferences, I sometimes felt like I was just half-listening as I scanned the room to check on off-task students. (It seems like this is more of a problem every year, but then I may have become more lax in establishing our routines and expectations as well.)
  • Call it the "Fab Five" instead since I'm not sure I can reasonably expect students to get to all five each day within our schedule. I've also seen a few teachers do a "Daily 3" instead.
  • Include science and social studies vocabulary as part of Word Work to get more bang for my buck and be able to do another rotation sometimes during the week.
1. How will I incorporate the 3 required novels I need to teach?
2. How long will it take before I can start conferencing with individual students and small groups?
3. If students are pulled out for services during this time, how will their routine need to adjust?

Also - I'm a really visual person and like to see examples of things, so I have subscribed to the 2Sisters' site -  Three months is $39 or you can do a year for $69.  Since I was new to the Daily 5 and didn't know anyone else who was doing it, I thought it was a reasonable price to get some information, and I think the videos on there are really helpful. Less expensive than a workshop for sure, and I can watch late at night in my jammies.  :-)

If anyone out there has experience with Daily 5 or CAFE, I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. I taught kindergarten for four years and am now moving to 5th grade. I bought both The Daily Five and Cafe books. I am on the fence if I am going to use it this year. I am feeling overwhelmed a bit with preparing myself with the 5th grade curriculum.

    1. Becky - I'm right there with you about feeling a bit overwhelmed about the 5th grade switch. Going from 6th is easier than the jump you are making, so I feel okay with trying something new. My mentor also using the Daily 5, so that will help, too. Thanks for stopping by and hope to hear how your year is going!

  2. I'm also going to try to use the Daily 5 this year. Ive been teaching 5th grade reading for the last 8 years and I want to try something a little different. The only problem Im having in planning this, is that I dont want to use my entire 90 minute block, 5 days a week. I still have to use my CCRP AND include Kagan strategies (Cooperative Learning Approaches) this year. I am thinking of "Daily 3" READ TO SELF W/JOURNAL WORK, READ TO SOMEONE ELSE W/JOURNAL WORK, AND VOCABULARY/WORD WORK, twice a week. Since it will be my first year trying this approach, I want to take it slow. I have fallen in love with book and I soo want to give my students the time to read and fall in love with reading.

    1. Malinda - I think your idea of doing a Daily 3 is great. I may end up doing something similar.

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