Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Old {Catholic} School

This summer, as I've contemplated my oldest daughter starting Kindergarten and my own move to teach in the elementary school, I decided to take a walk down memory lane and visit some of my old schools. First up:
St. John the Baptist - Kindergarten and First Grade

Favorite Memories:
  • Swinging on the chain-link swagged fence with my friends as I waited for school to start (as you can see....they are no longer there.)
  • The smell of the hallways - dusty wood, lemon polish, and disinfectant
  • Wearing my plaid uniform, white knee highs, and saddle shoes
  • Those giant blue pencils!
Least Favorite Memories:
  • The day our teacher told us that one of our classmates burned down their house because they were playing with matches.  (Thankfully everyone was okay.....)
  • Leaving my friends when my family moved. I was so afraid I'd forget them, I wrote their names in my new bedroom closet.
Here is the courtyard where we used to play hopscotch, four square, and feed the neighbor's dogs our lunches through the fence.  (Shhh...don't tell my Mom!) You can also see the cool little walkway bridge from the school to the administration building.  I ALWAYS wanted to go through it, but the rumor was that it was haunted.  (Ha!) It made me a little sad to see how run down it all was now that it's been closed. I think all but one of the Catholic schools in our area are now shut down.

Here is a picture of me in Kindergarten.  (No plaid dress this time apparently!)

And here are a couple things I found while rummaging through the school stuff my mother saved for me. I guess I was just "ok" at tracing! 
But....a good listener!  How much do you think this Award template would go for on TpT?  ;-)

Have you ever gone back and visited your old schools?


  1. I lived on the same street as my elementary school until about 10 years ago. I even subbed there a few times. Once in my 5th grade classroom for my 5th grade teacher! It was WEiRD!

    Inside this Book

    1. That's really cool that you lived so close to school! All four of my schools were within a a block or two, so I always walked. Never took the bus once except for field trips! Also - I did some of my practicum hours with my second grade teacher. :-)


  2. What a great idea to revisit your old school and reminisce! I took my husband back to my elementary school and made him tour the halls as I walked down memory lane. It is amazing how many memories those buildings hold. My favorite part about the good listening award is the purple ink...gotta love those old copy machines. :)

    The Teaching Thief

    1. I know, Amanda! And you can tell that award was copied (or mimeographed!) a million times. I can't remember if my teacher colored it in or if I did.
      So strange what you find in those old school boxes!


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