Friday, August 10, 2012

6 Steps to Launching Read to Self - Daily 5 Book Study, Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is all about how to introduce (or "launch") the Read to Self component of the Daily 5. So here are the 6 steps!
    1. Explain & Model 3 Ways to Read a Book
    These include:
    • Reading the pictures
    • Reading the words
    • Retelling the story
    and can all be taught on the first day or broken up over 2-3 sessions. Here is a cute chart I found at Mrs. Richardson's Class website. At first I thought "Reading the Pictures" wouldn't really fit a 5th grade classroom, but then I remembered all the times I browse a magazine or look through a book myself. I AM previewing the images first, and then reading the text. I just need to expand what is meant by the phrase.

    2. Complete "Read to Self" I-Chart
    Create an "Independence Chart" with students by first brainstorming why we read to ourselves and then discussing appropriate behaviors for both students and teachers during Read to Self time. I like how the Sisters directed their students' thoughts by asking, "If someone were to visit our class during Read to Self, what would they see happening?" Here is a nice example of an I-Chart created by Sarah from Student Choice in the Classroom.

    3. Correct Model / Incorrect Model
    As with all the other expected behaviors in the Daily 5, having students model correct ways to do the task AND the incorrect way is key. Again, remember to have students name what appropriate behaviors they see in the Correct Model.  Also - have that "tricky" student demo the Incorrect Model and then the Correct way.

    4. Three Minute Practice
    Place students around the room (this is key - don't let them choose for themselves yet) and have them practice Read to Self for three minutes or until the first child goes off-task.  (Older students might be able to start with 5 minutes.)

    5. Check-In  & Reflection
    At the end of the time, call the students back to your gathering place using your signal. Ask students to self-assess how well they did with thumbs up or thumbs sideways as you mention all the criteria from the I-Chart. Discuss any changes that might need to be made to the chart.

    6. Repeat!
    Repeat the practice and check-in once or twice more that first day, adding a minute or two each time to build stamina.  Each day afterwards, briefly review the I-Chart at the beginning, model, and then start Read to Self time again, adding more time as the students are ready. If students are having trouble, try more correct/incorrect modeling.

    By the way...Amazon just shipped my new chimes today and I can't WAIT for them to arrive!!  I love how I was able to hear them first on Amazon before ordering - cool feature!  :-)

    Thanks to Mrs. Pelaez for the awesome recommendation!

    **Coming Soon: Read to Someone/Listen to Reading, Show Me Sunday: Educational Time Fillers, Fashion Linky & Sneaky Symptoms of Teacher Stress

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