Friday, August 3, 2012

My Old {Elementary} School

Next up on my travels back in time......
Solvay Elementary School - 2nd to 5th Grade
Favorite Memories:
  • Recess! We loved sliding down the GIANT slide and pretending we were climbing Mt. Everest on the jungle gym. Both are sadly gone......
  • Our field trip to the Post Office in 2nd Grade - so cool to see how they sorted the mail!
  • Learning Cursive in 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade Olympics
  • Making popcorn garland for the birds near the holidays in 5th Grade. (I may have to do that this year since we have a tree outside my new room - yay!)
  • Quietly reading at the back table during 5th grade with twinkling Christmas lights around the windows....the lights out.....while snowflakes drifted past the windows.....   (It's amazing sometimes how one simple memory like that will stick with you. It's always made me want to have lights in my classroom.)
Least Favorite Memories:
  • In 2nd grade I convinced my mother to attempt giving me ringlets like Nellie Oleson on my favorite show - Little House on the Prairie.....  I slept in rollers all night and couldn't wait to show my teacher, Mrs. Sitnik....  But when I woke up in the morning, I did not have beautiful glossy curls like Nellie. It was more like Shirley Temple with bed head if rats had been nesting in her hair all night.  It was BAD. I am so thankful there are no pictures to show you - LOL!

  • Falling flat on my face during gym class in 3nd grade while playing "Fox & Hare". My chin split open and I had to get six stitches.  Still have that scar..... 
  • Watching the Challenger disaster alone at my house during 4th grade because I was home sick.
  • Hurling my 4th grade landforms project into the woods on the way home because I was so ashamed of it.  Basically I drizzled some flour and water "paste" over a soap box to create a plateau.  Yep - threw it right off to the left in this picture - that's the path where I walked home every day. (I checked years later and it was gone....)
And here is my 5th grade picture.  Don't you just love the feathered hair and the creepy profile? Ha!
What at your favorite (or least favorite!) memories of your elementary school?


  1. What sweet memories! I remember learning cursive when I was in 2nd grade, as well as thinking I was a most impressive mathematician when I learned to multiply!

    1. Hi Hilary! I remember loving long division and actually taking my Math homework to the playground after school to work on it. Ha!


  2. I was also home alone sick when the Challenger blew up too. A memory I will never forget!

    1. How strange! It was scary to be alone during that event... I don't think I fully understood what was happening until my Mom came home and was crying.

  3. My worst memories in school was whenever we had to do round robin reading. Even though I was a great student, I hated reading and reading out loud was the worst. (I definitely understand how my students feel when they are put on the spot to read and I try to limit this in my classroom.)

    I have a lot of amazing memories but the best would have to be disecting animals in grades 3-5. I hated science but loved these activities.

    Great post. Gave me a chance to think about how much I loved elementary school.


    1. Hi Katrina! I totally agree with you about round-robin reading. If I have to do something like that, I always try to give them a chance to read it to themselves first. Wow - dissections that young?! I had to wait until 7th grade to dissect a frog. Thanks for stopping by!



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