Saturday, August 25, 2012

Teacher's Survival Kit Linky Party!

Hi everyone! Since I moved buildings and classrooms this year, I had a chance to start from scratch and truly think about those "must-have" items that I really needed to have stashed in my desk - my "Survival Kit" so to speak.  And of course....since I know I probably forgot something essential - I decided to host a Linky Party and hopefully we can share some ideas with each other as well!
Here are the guidelines:
1. List your top "Survival Kit" items that you keep stashed at school. (Make sure you link to your specific post so we can easily find it!)
2. Please include the button above or a link back here so that your readers can easily find everyone else's posts.
3. Comment on two other posts.

I can't wait to see what you all link up!
Just scroll down to add yours.  :-)

Here are my Top 10 "Survival Kit" Items:

1. Dark Chocolate - It's healthy for you! Right? In any case, every once in awhile okay - nearly every day, a piece of chocolate is just what I need.
2. Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate - Something nice and hot to sip on while answering e-mails or grading papers hits the spot. Especially on those icy Upstate New York winter mornings. I had really liked those Folger's single serve packets, but my new school has a KEURIG - yippee!  Also - I must have a packet or two of Land-o-Lakes Mint or Raspberry hot chocolate. Deee....lish.
3. Healthy Granola Bars - For a little afternoon boost if I need it. emergency lunch if I forgot mine at home. Again.
4. Extra Contacts & Saline Solution - After that afternoon I had to teach with one eye after my contact ripped in half - I always keep an extra pair on hand. (Driving home was scary that day!)
5. Tide To-Go Stick - As I've mentioned before, I am super klutzy, so having this on hand is helpful. Thank goodness we now have whiteboards - I was always the one with the chalk hand print somewhere on me. least that just wiped off!
6. Aspirin - I typically get headaches on the first day of anything new, so this is essential and having it right in my desk avoids a trip to the nurse.
7. Deodorant - Well...because sometimes a little re-apply is a good idea.
8. Nail Clippers & Nail File - I can't stand having jagged nails - they always seem to catch on everything - I've ruined some great sweaters that way. I've even tried scissors in a pinch. Not good.
9. Wisp Mini Disposable Toothbrushes - Perfect when you have a parent conference or a meeting with your principal and your sub sandwich breath just won't dissipate. Yuck - O.
10. Gum & Mints - For me, this is great after lunch or during those afternoons when I'm trying to avoid eating that whole box of above-mentioned granola bars.  :-)

 So...what's in your Teacher's Survival Kit?


  1. I also have granola bars, asprin, and dark chocolate (with raspberry)! I have quickly figured out what I need with me all the time...

    1. Ahhh...raspberry is great, too! I have to be careful about how much I bring in though. :-)

  2. I love this, Corinna! You're one smart woman for numbers 6, 7 and 8! I'm going to link up tomorrow with what I think would be in my survival kit when I have my own class :)


    1. Thanks, Sara! Can't wait to see your list. :-)

  3. I've got my link posted! Thanks for the linky party!

    Mrs. B's Nook


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