Wednesday, December 4, 2013

When you forget to take attendance....

When the office has to call your classroom because you forgot to take attendance....
for the THIRD DAY IN A ROW...

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Currently...Podcasts, Planners, Afghans & Advent!

Listening... one of the podcasts downloaded through PodCruncher. Right now I'm into TEdTalks, Freakonomics, and This American Life...

... online shopping!  I'm hoping to get most things through Amazon this year to avoid the holiday crush at the mall.  These are a couple of things I'm eyeing for my girls this year...  (Shhhh......)  ;-) 

...of what to do with my hair.  I'm a little tired of the red and it fades so fast. I'm thinking of a nice dark brown with some highlights...

Wanting... new Erin Condren Life Planner to arrive...

Needing... FINALLY finish this afghan!!  My dear sweet daughter picked out the colors two years ago when she was 4, and I'm worried she won't like the pastels for much longer.  Must. Get. It. Done....

Favorite Tradition...
...our House Advent Calendar! I bought it a few years ago and love that it's reusable and has large boxes for each date.  My daughters have so much fun discovering Hershey's kisses, holiday Pez dispensers, lip balm, or a map leading them to find a Santa puzzle hidden under the couch...  

How is your December so far?  Link on up at Farley's so I can go check it out!
And remember to get your TpT shopping cart ready for the Cyber Monday & Tuesday sale!
Everything in my shop is 28% OFF!!

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Tom Turkey Proofreading Practice Freebie!

Ask and you shall receive!
For those who have asked me for the "Tom Turkey" Proofreading Practice letter I posted on Instagram - here it is!  (This is a modified version of a similar letter someone gave me over ten years ago. I've tried to track down the source but without luck. If you happen to know the source of the original I'd love to give credit!)
 Just click right here to download the Word version of the Tom Turkey letter so you can edit it however you'd like. 
Every year I change it a bit to reflect the ability of my group and target the skills I want them to work on.
Before we begin, I review the basic editor's marks / proofreading symbols, post it on our Interactive Whiteboard, and then we work through the letter together.  The class then rewrites the letter and fixes all the errors for homework.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Smash Your Food! (With a Freebie...)

Smash Your Food is a fun, informative, and wonderfully GROSS online game used to illustrate just how much sugar, salt, and oil are in our favorite foods.  My students had a fantastic time crushing slices of pizza, hamburgers, french fries, muffins, and other tempting treats....
Smash Your FoodSmash Your Food
Most of my students agreed this was the most memorable part of our Nutrition unit.
I created a recording sheet to help them keep track of their findings and reflect a bit on which options were the healthiest choices......
Smash Your Food Recording Sheet

There's also a free Smash Your Food App available through iTunes with many more smashable foods  and holiday themed sets.

Have fun!
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Currently - Already November!?

Whoa! November snuck up on me this year. Time to take down Halloween decorations, hide the leftover candy so I won't devour it all, and of course link up with Farley!

Listening... Big 80s Saturday Night on Y94FM - a local radio station. Duran Duran, Mister Mister, Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam, The Go-Go's....what's up with all those double named bands from the 80s??
... getting an extra hour of sleep tonight - welcome back Standard Time!!

...about our family trip to the Corning Museum of Glass tomorrow. My daughters are so excited to make their own sculpture!

...some cute Thanksgiving earrings. Aren't these adorable??
Needing... be prepared for the back-to-back parent/teacher conferences I have from Noon - 7PM. LONG day!!

Yummy Pins...
...I have 2 to share with you.... sweet and savory!

These are fantastic!!

 I haven't made this yet, but it looks delicious!!

How is your November so far?  Link on up at Farley's so I can go check it out!
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Reel Teachers: Miss Hardbroom from "The Worst Witch"

Miss Constance Hardbroom (Diana Rigg) is the strict potions teacher at Miss Cackle's International Academy for Witches in the 1986 movie The Worst Witch. The movie is based on a series of children's books about a young witch in training, Mildred Hubble, who can't seem to do anything right.

Miss Constance Hardbroom - Teacher Evaluation

Content Knowledge:
Miss HB (as the girls sometimes call her) is the Potions teacher at Cackle's Academy and demonstrates skill in casting spells as well as disappearing and reappearing from thin air. She also choreographs the doomed Broomstrick Formation Team for the Halloween Display for her class. Grade... A
Classroom Management:
Although Miss Hardbroom's class is generally compliant and focused on their task, her primary management strategy is looming over her students and screaming commands such as "Stop Talking!" and "Come On, Come On, Come On!" She is also prone to creeping around while invisible and eavesdropping on her charges to gather information. Miss Hardbroom could clearly use some positive behavior intervention training.  Perhaps a marble jar or ClassDojo? Grade... C+

Instructional Strategies:
In the observed Potions lesson, Miss Hardbroom used Experimental Learning.  She takes a rather hands-off approach when the class attempts a laughing potion - fiddling with her flasks and such while the girls concoct the potion. If this was a summative assessment, some observations would be recommended. However, all but one group successfully meet their objective. Later, when hapless Mildred Hubble botches a spell and turns her nemesis into a pig, Miss Hardbroom simply directs her to the library to look up a counter spell. Grade... B

Classroom Environment:
Shabby-gothic with pointed windows, wooden lab benches, and impressive bubbling flasks of red liquid, Miss Hardbroom's classroom is very orderly. The walls display posters of minerals, diagrams of cauldron currents, and a pretty awesome pentagram chalkboard. However, the plastic blow-up skeleton makes me feel like Miss HB needs to learn a money-conjuring spell to supplement her stingy budget. Grade... B-

Strict, uptight, and imposing, Miss Constance Hardbroom is a power to be reckoned with at Miss Cackle's Academy. (How could you NOT be with a name like HARDbroom?!)  She dresses in head to toe black with a bun perched on the top of her head and dangling bat earrings. However, she does reveal hints at a softer side - she lets her hair down for their Halloween Celebration and wears a glittery star decal on her cheek. Also - she has an enormous crush on the Grand Wizard (Tim Curry!!). And really, who wouldn't love a man who can put together an incredible music video like this?  Grade... C-
We could all use a little Curry in our life, right?  ;-)
Who are your favorite (or most hated!) movie teachers? Maybe I'll feature them next!
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

When the copy machine jams...

When the copy machine is jammed when you go to use it....

When it's YOUR FAULT the copy machine is jammed and someone else tries to use it...

One of those happened last week. I ain't saying which......

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

SLANT Box Arrived!

My SLANT box arrived this week!
Thanks so much to Maribel from Learning in Wonderland!
My whole family loved all the little surprises.... pens, magnets, mini post-its, gum....  I'm not sure how she discovered that Trident Strawberry Orange Layers is my current favorite gum, but she nailed that! My husband has already grabbed the Hubba Bubba tape and claimed it as his own, and my girls have commandeered the cool measuring tape.  :-)

If you haven't had a chance to check out the SLANT box exchange (Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers), visit Lessons With Coffee to check it out.
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