Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break Seven

I skipped my customary mile-long "To-Do" list this break and allowed my vacation time to flow a bit more naturally. So here are the 7 main things I did over my Spring Break...

#1 Celebrated my daughter's 6th birthday
Her favorite gift? A "NASA" ant farm from Grandma.

#2 Made Almond Puffs for Easter
I love this recipe - quick and easy...

#3 Colored eggs with my daughters
The Tuesday after Easter - better late than never, right?

#4 Bought an iPad
And keyboard cover. I am finally unchained from my downstairs computer - LOVE it.

#5 Switched out the Worm Bin
Got some fantastic "worm tea" and a huge bucket of casings to add to our garden beds. Our wiggly worms got fresh bedding and a cleaned home.

#6 Made a Biography Project packet
Students select their biographies this Thursday...
#7 Attended my father-in-law's funeral services
Although his passing was not unexpected (he had been battling lung disease for months), this was the first death that my daughters experienced and knowing just what to say was difficult at times. I am so grateful to the priest, nuns, altar servers, choir, and organist who volunteered their time to honor him. And I was especially touched by the two members of the honor guard who took such care in folding the flag that was presented to my husband. It was also a huge comfort to our family that so many friends and family members came to share stories and pictures. A cousin handed my husband this previously unknown photo of him as a baby with both his parents - my father-in-law rather Don Draper-esque in his sixties shades.


  1. Love the way you used the "I can" statements on the biography assignment sheet. :) We are starting a biography unit next week.
    I'm your newest follower. :)
    Brandee Green
    Creating Life Long Learners

  2. Hi Brandee! I just got into the "I can" statements this year. Thanks for stopping by!



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