Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fun Friday & Weekly Recap

It was a looooooong week  - so glad it's OVER!
 I'm in need of a chuckle or two - how about you?
 I definitely need to rethink my system for next year! 
I'm really appalled by how often this happens. My giant bag-o-stuff gets hauled back and forth daily with the same papers in it.  Grrrrr......

And now for my week in review - it's been a busy one!

 #1 - Adjust Blog Name
"Mrs. Allen's 5th Grade Files" is now "From Mrs. Allen's Teaching Files"!
For those who have been asking....Yes, I am staying at 5th grade (I hope for quite a while!) but wanted to broaden the focus of my blog beyond just one grade.

#2 - Cake!
Delivered a luscious cake from Biscotti's Bakery for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon at my daughter's school.  It looked so good it almost didn't make it there without a bite.  :-)

#3 - Field Trip!
My 5th grade team traveled to Green Lakes State Park to explore the local fauna and flora. We identified trees and plants, discovered a snake in a pile of brush, and got nice and sweaty hiking through the trails.
#4 - Finished Investigations Math!!
I made it through my first year teaching this crazy delightfully wonderful way of presenting Math.  My students will be thrilled to toss the rest of their gigantic Student Activity Book in the recycling bin.  On to some review and fun Coordinate Graphing.  
#5 - Rockets!
My class started making their rockets this week! 
One of my young cherubs decided to cut his hair instead of his shock cord mount. And another little darling got his middle finger stuck in his engine casing.  On purpose. 
Sigh...which leads me back to.....
 It was a looooooong week  - so glad it's OVER!
So how was your week? Head on over to Doodle Bugs to link up!


  1. What a gorgeous field trip by the lake! wow...
    I stopped by from Doodle Bugs...great blog!
    Whimsy Workshop

    1. Hi Susanna! Thanks for stopping by! We had a really nice time at the field trip. Green Lakes is stunning (Although notorious for having l lots of ticks) so I was just glad we made it through without anyone getting one. :-)


  2. We do Investigations, too! I think that my students will have the same reaction!

    1. Hi Diane! I have a bit of a Love/Hate relationship with Investigations. I get the "hands-on" inductive reasoning bit, but often I feel like they just need more practice.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That lake is breathtaking! My crowd could shatter the silence pronto!!Beautiful. I found you through Doodle Bugs. i do the same thing with the work at home and school too. Has gotten me into some serious time crunch problems! Cute blog with a happy feeling to it!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sandy! Yeah..this was our 5 minutes of silence point in our hike! Believe me - m darling cherubs were plenty vocal on the trails. Anytime a runner was spotted, they'd all yell "To the right - RUNNER!!" Sigh.....


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