Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Craft: Survival Kit Freebie

On Friday, I helped my class make "Mother's Day Survival Kits" to take home. It was a fun, relaxing project to do during the last 20 minutes of the week when the kids are just antsy to get out of school. (And me, too!)

Discovering some dusty glass canning jars in my garage last week was the inspiration for this "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" project. I tailored the list to mainly include supplies I already had on hand, so most everything was free or easily found at the Dollar Store. Here is what I used:
  • Hearts (the students cut these themselves from construction paper and personalized them with a message)
  • Paperclips (used some of those little ones I don't like)
  • Erasers ($1 for 40 at Dollar Tree)
  • Snickers (a bag of mini Snickers was only a couple bucks)
  • Rubber Bands (had a million of those just sitting in my desk)
  • Tissue (no problem getting those - just sitting on our counter...)
  • Life Savers (Dollar Tree....)
  • Toothpick (leftover in my cabinets at home from a party)
  • Cotton Balls (used some of my stash from home)
  • Seeds ($1 for 4 packs at Dollar Tree)
  • Puzzle Piece (used a puzzle with some pieces from our beginning of the year team builders)
And....Viola!  A cute, thoughtful Mother's Day gift!  Altogether it cost about $12 - not too bad. And I repurposed a bunch of ribbon I had laying around, so that worked out well, too. Then I typed up a colorful message explaining the "survival" use for each object. I had wanted to make them into a card, but then the font was too tiny to read.  So we scrolled them up instead.
Super cute!
You can download a copy of the "Survival Kit" page right here.
(I know it's probably too late for this year's Mother's Day - but you can always Pin It for next year!)
Now I'm stumped for what to do for Father's Day that will be on par with this.  Any ideas??


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