Monday, May 27, 2013

Next Year, I am DEFINITELY going to...

When it gets to be May, I already have one eye fixed on the future. I know what works (and what does NOT) but there isn't quite enough time to make a course correction so late in the year.  I am ready to be DONE - not only to enjoy summer vacation - but to tune up my teaching and do a better job next year.  So here are my top 5 things that I am DEFINITELY going to do....  Next year.
My morning routine this year hasn't been the best. Right now I post a "To-Do" list on the board but many kids still ignore it and I have to remind them. Over the summer I'm going to develop short warm-ups to target skills I want to stress, but may not find time to formally fit into the day - grammar, genre study, literary terms, writing reflections, and editing practice.
When I was teaching 6th grade, I had retooled many of my units to better address the standards. Now that I have a year of 5th grade under my belt and know the content, I feel ready to really dive into the Common Core (before they change it!) and make sure that I am really following what I know is the best way to plan: Target a standard or two, develop the culminating assessment, find the materials to fit and THEN plan the activities to best support the goals.
This year I started off with The Grand Plan for Daily 5. And I just couldn't make it all work. the interest of weeding out what doesn't work, I am going to pare down to 3 -Read to Self, Work on Writing, and Word Work. If I can get those running smoothly, I'll see about adding the other two.
Back in my middle school days, each of my students had a data folder where they tracked and created graphs for their pre-test and post-test scores, writing progress, and stored all their main writing pieces. Next year I'd like each of my 5th grade students to have a binder (sort of like this) to use as a portfolio where they keep track of their goals, graph their scores, and keep benchmarks and writing samples.
I sent out some e-mails notifying parents of upcoming benchmarks and key dates, but not consistently.  I had a newsletter for a couple months but just couldn't keep it up. Next year - NO Newsletter (I have a blog - they can look there) and more consistent e-mails.  I also found a really cool App designed for teachers to communicate with parents that I'm currently trying out. More on that later.....  :-)

So what's on YOUR to-do list for next year? Join Kim at Finding Joy in 6th Grade to link up and share your plans!
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  1. Hi Corrina! Pinterest has many great morning work activities that I used with kiddos this school year. Your blog is super cute!I found you through Kim's linky party. I love Houston, but I love New York even more. =)

    One Fab Teacher

  2. I love your idea of having kids track their goals and progress!

  3. I would love to know about the app that helps in communicating with parents !


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