Sunday, June 9, 2013

App Review: Running Record Calculator (SALE!)

If you've been struggling to document your running records as accurately as possible, then VonBruno's Running Record Calculator App might just be what you've been looking for.  After the tech specialist in my district suggested it, I decided to give this a full test run for my final round of Fountas & Pinnell running records. Here are my thoughts...


This app has all the basic features of a traditional running record calculator - a time recorder and functions to input number of words read, errors, and self-corrections.  After you enter the data, the app calculates the words-per-minute, accuracy rate, and self correction ratio. In addition, it records audio of the child reading and allows you to flag sections to refer to later. (This feature alone had me sold! I can listen to the playback to ensure I've written down the correct information.)  However, there is also a Pause Feature! If you're interrupted in the middle of the assessment, you can simply pause and continue it later without the student having to read the entire selection again.
Once finished, you can email a report with an attached audio file.  Just press the blue 'Share' button (see above). Here is what the email will look like. The text highlighted in yellow are the areas where you can add the student's name, reading level, comprehension score and any other notes you'd like.
 TIP - Send the e-mail to yourself first. Then you can edit and forward the report.


  • Can listen to the recording multiple times to get the most accurate assessment.
  • Sharing the report and audio file with reading specialists, other teachers, or parents.
  • Students can listen to their own recordings to learn from their errors.
  • Pause feature is fantastic if you are interrupted!
  • Convenient
  • Inexpensive ($1.99 until the end of June 2013!)


  • App does not store individual running records
  • Can't enter time to just calculate without recording
  • Free version ("Lite"- without playback or sharing features) is discontinued at the end of June 2013
  • Currently available for iPhone or iPad only

The Bottom Line 

Get this App!! And hurry - the free version is being discontinued on June 28th, 2013 so the developers are offering the full version for half price until the end of June. Sweet!

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