Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun Friday {Reasons I Decided to Become a Teacher}

Late-night TV is now a little too late for me, but back in the day Letterman was my favorite. Who can resist a top ten list??!   (Not this obsessive list-maker!)  So here's a little Top 10 fun for ya...
The Top 10 Reasons I Decided to Become a Teacher

My favorite is #6.....
which one did you like best?


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    1. Hi Brandee! I always need on Fridays. :-) Only two more left for me until school's out! How much longer do you have? (Or are you lucky enough to be out already?)

      From Mrs. Allen's Teaching Files

  2. Yeah, #6 was great!! I also liked #8(I think it was that one)-I didn't really learn a lot the 1st time I went through school. I actually felt like this last year teaching 5/6 grade history!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! I PROMISE I don't remember HALF of the stuff I had to teach-but it was interesting! :)


    1. Shannon - I totally agree!! This year I learned TONS about Lewis & Clark, dividing fractions, and making rockets. :-)

      From Mrs. Allen's Teaching Files


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