Thursday, July 18, 2013

Celebrating Vocabulary {Word Nerds Book Study}

Chapter 6 of Word Nerds: Teaching All Students to Learn and Love Vocabulary hosted by Sabra at Teaching With a Touch of Twang
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Chapter 6 provides ideas to celebrate learning at the end of a vocabulary cycle with fun review sessions directly before their assessment.

Vocabulary Party Ideas

      1. Block Party
      Prepare a table with festive snacks, drinks, and napkins. Students will practice social mingling and making introductions as their Vocabulary Words. Call out a vocabulary word (or its definition) and then have that student invite their synonyms and antonyms to the party where they have a conversation. After all the words in the group have had a chance to chat, they can mingle with other non-related words.

      2. Toasting Party
      Student nominate a particularly awesome vocabulary word from the current cycle, explain its use, and the class raises glasses of juice in a toast saying "Hear, hear!" After celebrating favorite terms, students practice social skills and mingle as though at a fancy reception.

      3. Jeopardy! Party
      Students write questions ahead of time about the vocabulary terms, synonyms, and antonyms. The class gets into groups and can work collaboratively to answer the Jeopardy questions. The authors suggest using an Eggspert to have teams buzz in.

      4. Deal or No Deal Party 
      Students again write the questions ahead of time for the game. Each student plays individually by writing answers down on a dry erase board. The class votes on whether to accept the deal or keep playing. Here are some fun online options to play with your class:

      Mo Fun Zone Deal or No Deal (Ad before playing, ads on sidebars)

      BertosWeb Deal or No Deal (with Howie Mandel, models, no ads)

      NBC Deal or No Deal (Ads only on sidebar, no host)

      5. Charades Party
      Students work in groups to act out a vocabulary word silently or perform a skit.  Again, some treats help set a celebratory mood.  :-)

      6. Art Show Party
      Students socialize about the terms while sharing artwork they created to depict a vocabulary term.

      Other ideas: Dance Party, Luau Party, American Idol Party  - really any holiday or theme can be adapted to celebrate learning of any type - not just vocabulary.  I can totally see myself using some of these ideas to have review parties in Math or Science.

      Lots more great ideas in the book, and I keep finding more on Pinterest too.  I'll have to have some supplementary posts on this topic soon. (Here's my Vocabulary Board on Pinterest where I'll be posting ideas to refer to if you want to follow along.)

      How do you celebrate learning in your class?


      1. Love. Love. Love! I'm totally bookmarking this page so I can remember all the different activities! Thanks for linking up! This is terrific!

        Teaching with a Touch of Twang

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