Saturday, July 27, 2013

Spreading Vocabulary Wings {Word Nerds Book Study}

Chapter 7 of Word Nerds: Teaching All Students to Learn and Love Vocabulary hosted by Sabra at Teaching With a Touch of Twang
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This chapter outlines some tools to deepen children's knowledge of words.

Activities to Deepen Vocabulary Knowledge

      1. Teach Morphology
      The ability to use and understand prefixes, suffixes, inflectional endings, and Greek & Latin roots will help children "unlock" the secrets of more sophisticated words.   After some background building, your students can work with you to dig deep into a longer word by breaking it up into its parts in an activity they call "Crystal Ball Words".  

      2. Fix-up Sentences 
      Have students take a dull sentence and "dazzle it up" with some sophisticated vocabulary.  The authors got this idea from the book Pirate Pete's Talk Like a Pirate where they contrast rough "pirate" talk with more expressive and sophisticated "Rascal" talk.  Here's an example:
      "Pirate" Version - "Me cut rock with me tool."
      "Rascal" Version - "My chisel blazes through the rock."

      3. Use Books to Deepen Vocabulary Learning
      As Overturf points out, there are a huge variety of children's book authors that love to play with language. Those novels can be read just for fun or as a springboard into an activity that can support your vocabulary unit.  Here are just a few they mention:

      Word Nerds really goes into some depth about how to use each of the books, and I know all of you have fantastic ideas also. I'll keep posting on my Pinterest Vocabulary Board if you want to gather ideas to use later.

      What's your favorite book to teach vocabulary?


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