Saturday, August 24, 2013

5 Steps to Upcycled Classroom Furniture

Want to add some personality and pop to your classroom? Try upcycling old furniture!  Add some extra style to your classroom in 5 simple steps...

#1 - Find Old Furniture...
Check out your basement, attic, roadside, yard sales, Craigslist...  Look for something sturdy.  I used an old coffee table we inherited a couple years ago. It had sentimental value, but was stained and worn.
#2 - Sand...
Using fine or extra fine sandpaper, smooth down all the surfaces.
I had my two little helpers with me. :-)
#3 - Vacuum & Wash...
Suck up all the dust from your sanding. Then wash it with a damp cloth or sponge and wait until it's totally dry.  It's amazing how much dust was still on the table - even after vacuuming....
#4 - Paint...
Select a semi-gloss in a fantastic color for your classroom.
I picked Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover in black since it makes all the other colors in my classroom "pop".  Plus, black will go with just about anything and doesn't show much dirt. (A very important consideration in any classroom!)
#5 - Admire!
Enjoy your handiwork and find that perfect place in your class for your new upcycled furniture! I added some chair cushions, a cute lava lamp, and - voila! A cozy writing nook!
Warm thanks to Laura Ellison from Will Grade for Coffee for the Pinspiration for this project. :-)
You can check out full pics of her classroom right here.

What upcycling ideas do you have for your classroom?
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  1. Love this ! I use the rust paint in shiny high gloss red, really pops and is so durable :). Your reading nook looks so cozy and inviting .....

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