Saturday, August 3, 2013

Printable Blog Planner!

Now that I've got more going on with guest posts, interviews, and longer projects...I really needed a blog planner to keep track of all my notes, product ideas, and posts. I started off by doing A LOT of research trying to find a pre-made printable planner. And while there are some fantastic planners out there, nothing quite suited me. So (of course!) - I decided to make my own.  And - share it with you all!

I started with a stylish cover and divider pages for each section - Monthly Plans, Weekly Plans, Ideas, and Products. I also added a Goals Page to keep me focused.

Then I created a Monthly Calendar and Social Media Planner in Excel to plan and track posts.
Next......I designed a Weekly Planner Page for more detailed outlines and "Upkeep & Connect" reminders, and I made a Product Planner Page to keep all my ideas in one easy to access spot:
I was really tempted to use a bright, colorful background. BUT...after researching the cost of printing all those pages I decided to stick with a black and white design and just splurge on a color cover and a couple other pages.  I simply printed all the pages out and had Staples spiral bind the whole thing in 5 minutes for less than $5. Sweet!!

I just love knowing that I have all my thoughts and plans written out in one place. And with my new Paper Mate Flair pens, I can color code, plan, and make "to-do" lists to my heart's content.

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  1. I love these planners, been looking for planners that focus on the blog or social media not just the product giveaway or endorsements


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