Friday, August 2, 2013

Sayings 2 .0 & Weekly Recap

I stumbled across this hilarious graphic the other day that gives a modern twist to some standard sayings. Wouldn't this make a fun assignment after studying idioms and figurative language?
And to give source links where source links are due....... image from Doghouse Diaries.
My favorite is "Keep your friends close, and your Facebook friends closer." I just love a good Godfather reference. :-)
And now....a brief recap of the week...

#1 - First Amazon shipment of school items arrived! New book, Miss Alaineus, to supplement my vocabulary plans and big grass border for the hallway. (My other borders are back-ordered. Hope they arrive soon!)
#2 - Started painting sticks and clothespins. It is taking A LOT of spraying to cover them. :-/  Might have been better off hand painting them. And it's not making the grass happy either. Hmph.
#3 - Brought my 4 year old daughter to family yoga. :-)  I love the parent/child poses. This one is my favorite - GREAT stretch for my back!
#4 - Caved while in the pen aisle at Staples and bought these Paper Mate Flair Pens.  :-D

#5 - Watched a cicada emerge from it's shell. For 45 minutes my daughters and I stared at this little bugger clinging to my mother's walnut tree. SO COOL!!  (Sorry the shot is blurry...)
So what's new with you?  Link up with Doodle Bugs and share 5 random things from the week!
Have a terrific weekend!
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  1. Instead of spray paint for the clothes pins, I "employ" my son to help color them with permanent markers. They are easy to pull apart and put back together again and the color is bright and vibrant. It also saves my grass ;)
    Terri's Teaching Treasures


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