Friday, August 16, 2013

What's on Your Wish List?

Yippee!!  It's almost time clear out out my TpT Wish List!  This Sunday and Monday, TeachersPayTeachers will be holding their annual Back to School Sale.  Just about everything will be 28% OFF!!

To preview the sale, a bunch of terrific bloggers put together a fun linky to share 2 of our most wish-listed items and 1 item on our own wish list. I hope you can link up to introduce me to some great products!  *If you're not a blogger or TpTer, please share your favorite items in the comments so I can check them out. :-)

Beginning of the Year Student Survey


Includes 48 reflective questions to help you get to know your students this year. I've left it in Power Point format so you can add or delete questions, change the background, etc to customize the survey to your needs. I also have a Chevron version, too.

Vocabulary Journal

Boosting my students' vocabulary is a major goal of mine this year, so I can't wait to start using this journal! Each page includes space for the vocabulary word in the center, the definition, a picture, synonyms/examples, antonyms/non-examples, and a sentence.

You can also view the rest of my TpT Store here to get ready for the big sale this weekend.  
And now for my own Wish List.....  I've got A LOT on there, but I've had my eye on this item for awhile now.

Calendar Math for the Upper Grades

We've got a fairly scripted Investigations Math program at my school, but this would make some great extra practice, especially for those "early finishers"  :-)

So tell me about your favorite items!  Or link up here and I'll hop over to check them out.  :-)

Don't forget to enter promo code BTS13 at checkout starting Sunday!

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