Tuesday, September 3, 2013

3 Back to School Gift Ideas - Students, Teachers, & Teammates

Today I want to share with you three cute ideas for back-to-school gifts. 

For Students...
 These sweet and colorful M&M treat toppers were a big hit with my students today. Just print and staple to the top of a fun-sized bag and voila! The perfect "Welcome Back" treat.
You can download them for free from Stacy at She's {Kinda} Crafty.
(The treat toppers....not the M&Ms....sorry!)

For Teachers...
Both of my daughters started school this week (1st Grade & Pre-school).  I've received so many heartfelt and clever gifts from my students that I'm excited to start paying that forward to their fantastic teachers.
My gals helped me pick out some yummy cookies, cute canning jars, and bright ribbon to make this special gift.
You can snag the tags for free right here from Aimee Lane at It's Overflowing.

For Teammates...
Last year I switched grades and buildings - starting over with a new group of teachers. I cannot say how lucky I am to be working with such a talented and thoughtful group of people. They graciously answered my million-and-one questions last year without ever once rolling their eyes or brushing me off. So...although there is no way to truly repay that kindness, I thought a small "Welcome Back" gift would be a nice gesture. (And who doesn't love colorful pens?!)
And again, the tags are FREE! Grab them right here from Corinna at Surfin' Through Second.
(These are fantastic because they could also work for students and teachers as well.)

Hope you're off to a great start of the school year!
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  1. Those are all so cute & thoughtful! I would LOVE it if a student gave me homemade cookies :)

    Floating Through Fifth


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