Monday, September 9, 2013

Keep Your Focus!

Staying focused at school is always something I struggle with.  There are a million and one tiny tasks that can distract us from accomplishing our major goals during planning time - parent emails, calls from counselors, schedule updates, a text message from home, another email.....wait....what was I talking about??  ;-)
Since I'm always looking for ways to really boost my efficiency and focus, I found this cool infographic from Anna Vital quite intriguing...
Of the ones mentioned here, these absolutely work for me:
  • putting on headphones and playing music or using the "concentration" setting with my Relax Melodies App (you gotta try it - I swear it works!)
  • making a short list of priority items
  • clearing my desk (out of sight - out of mind!)
I think framing a picture of my major goals would work. But....I'm not sure keeping food at my desk is such a good idea!

How about you? What helps keep you focused at work?
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