Saturday, October 5, 2013

SLANT Box Arrived!

My SLANT box arrived this week!
Thanks so much to Maribel from Learning in Wonderland!
My whole family loved all the little surprises.... pens, magnets, mini post-its, gum....  I'm not sure how she discovered that Trident Strawberry Orange Layers is my current favorite gum, but she nailed that! My husband has already grabbed the Hubba Bubba tape and claimed it as his own, and my girls have commandeered the cool measuring tape.  :-)

If you haven't had a chance to check out the SLANT box exchange (Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers), visit Lessons With Coffee to check it out.
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  1. Hi! I participate in SLANT too and was wondering if you have received the updated list for October? I have already been contacted by the person sending to me but I have not been sent the list. I have no idea who my match is. I have tried contacting Jameson but have not heard back so I am asking other SLANTERS if they could forward me the list.
    Thanks you! :c)


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