Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Smash Your Food! (With a Freebie...)

Smash Your Food is a fun, informative, and wonderfully GROSS online game used to illustrate just how much sugar, salt, and oil are in our favorite foods.  My students had a fantastic time crushing slices of pizza, hamburgers, french fries, muffins, and other tempting treats....
Smash Your FoodSmash Your Food
Most of my students agreed this was the most memorable part of our Nutrition unit.
I created a recording sheet to help them keep track of their findings and reflect a bit on which options were the healthiest choices......
Smash Your Food Recording Sheet

There's also a free Smash Your Food App available through iTunes with many more smashable foods  and holiday themed sets.

Have fun!
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  1. That's awesome! I'm going to put this on my classroom blog when the health teacher starts his nutrition unit. I know my fourth graders will love it! Thanks for sharing. :)


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