Friday, November 29, 2013

Tom Turkey Proofreading Practice Freebie!

Ask and you shall receive!
For those who have asked me for the "Tom Turkey" Proofreading Practice letter I posted on Instagram - here it is!  (This is a modified version of a similar letter someone gave me over ten years ago. I've tried to track down the source but without luck. If you happen to know the source of the original I'd love to give credit!)
 Just click right here to download the Word version of the Tom Turkey letter so you can edit it however you'd like. 
Every year I change it a bit to reflect the ability of my group and target the skills I want them to work on.
Before we begin, I review the basic editor's marks / proofreading symbols, post it on our Interactive Whiteboard, and then we work through the letter together.  The class then rewrites the letter and fixes all the errors for homework.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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